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    1. New York, USA New York has been the first in the ranking of the most “Instagram” cities for many years. Its skyscrapers and parks are deservedly popular with both tourists and locals. Manhattan and its tourist points are especially popular with Times Square and Central Park (which, by the way, included the social network.

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    However, sometimes it is worth going to someplace just to live on a tree, in the desert or in a wine barrel! Today we will tell about 10 unusual hotels that can be the main highlight of the holiday, even if you spend only a couple of nights in them. Hotel in a tree, Vietnam.

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    But on the other hand, the temperature difference on the street at 50˚C becomes serious stress for the body. Yes, and the tropical heat itself can quickly tire, but after all, on vacation, you want to walk more, and not sit in an air-conditioned room while waiting for the evening. If you have ever had.

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