Living in luxury: the seven best 7-star hotels

  • Living in luxury: the seven best 7-star hotels

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    Often, this is either a marketing ploy of the hotel itself or a beautiful description made by journalists – but when looking at the numbers it’s hard not to agree that the level of luxury in such places is overwhelming. We decided to find out where these hotels are located and why they are rated so highly.

    Burj Al Arab, Dubai, UAE

    The first hotel in the world, in the description of which the phrase about the seven-star sounded. “Burj al-Arab” (translated as “Arab tower”) began to build in 1994, and opened on December 1, 1999 – and then each room had its own butler attached.

    The building itself stands in the sea on an artificial island connected to the land with a bridge. The hotel has its own helipad. On one of the upper floors is also a restaurant “Al-Muntah” (“Highest”).

    In the hall, you can find all the signs of luxury: a unique mosaic on the floor, huge aquariums in the walls, a stepped fountain with lighting. The atrium lobby at the hotel is the highest in the world: the ceiling is at an altitude of 180 meters. The interiors used about 8,000 square meters of 22-carat gold leaf.

    There are no ordinary rooms in Burj Al Arab. Each consists of two floors, the smallest covers an area of ​​170 m2 and the largest – 780 m2. All rooms are equipped with the latest technology and design. A distinctive feature – huge windows in the entire wall, from which a view of the sea.

    According to the official website, Burj Al Arab is a five-star deluxe hotel. But you and I understand what he is unofficially given seven stars for.

    Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi, UAE

    This “palace, not a hotel,” as he positions himself, opened in 2005 to show the world the luxury of Arab culture. The Emirates Palace is located on a private beach surrounded by 85 hectares of gardens and lawns. The large patterned dome of the main building is lined with real gold inside.

    The hotel has 394 rooms, of which 302 are ordinary (although this word is not very suitable here, the level of comfort is still very different even from the usual five stars), and the rest are suites. Most suites are in gold and marble. The six penthouse suites are reserved for dignitaries, such as royals.

    The hotel has everything you need for sports recreation: a beach club with a six-kilometre cycling and jogging track, tennis courts, plenty of swimming pools, rugby and football fields.

    Townhouse Galleria, Milan, Italy

    The hotel is located in the very centre of the city, in the famous Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery opposite the main cathedral. The Town House Gallery opened its doors in 2007, and already in 2008 announced the receipt of a seven-star rating from SGS Italy 2008. However, it is worth noting that SGC Italy is not an official travel agency, and its rating is limited to five stars. But every guest of the hotel agrees – the service here is at the highest level.

    The hotel has 46 rooms, from standard to suites of the presidential class. The site recognizes that only three presidential suites can be considered seven stars. Their windows overlook the Gallery. Two rooms – studios of about 70 m2, and two more have a separate living room. And do we need to talk about huge beds, large marble bathrooms, the highest class interior and soundproofing, so that the guests would not be in the way of rest?

    Pangu 7 Star Hotel (Morgan Plaza), Beijing, China

    This dragon hotel is located in the Olympic Village in Beijing. “Pangu” is the most luxurious hotel in China, and seven stars are already mentioned in the title so that no one has any doubts about the high class. They do not arise – just go to a luxurious hall, decorated with marble and wood carving.

    All 234 rooms combine Chinese culture and European comfort. The walls are covered with silk wallpaper, the furniture is arranged in feng shui, paintings in traditional Chinese style hang over the beds. In addition, each room has a digital fireplace, two flat-screen TVs and a DVD player. All rooms are bright and spacious with a beautiful view of the city and the stadium.

    Standard rooms are relatively inexpensive, but to experience the seven stars, you should stay in the so-called “Sky Courtyard” – a huge (770 m2!) Room on the 23rd floor, with a private elevator, private pool and roof garden. True, the price of the night in this room is transcendental, it is even impossible to book it over the Internet.

    The Mark Hotel, New York, United States

    This hotel is also officially only 5 stars with a deluxe prefix, but at the same time and many regalia. So, in 2017, Bilanz Magazine put it in first place among city hotels in the world. He is also repeatedly included in the list of the best hotels according to Conde Nast and Elite Traveler Magazine.

    The hotel is located on the Upper East Side in a 1927 building. The interiors are fully updated in 2009 with the participation of the French designer Jacques Grange.

    There are 100 ordinary rooms, 56 suites in the Mark Hotel, and in 2015, a luxurious two-storey penthouse suite was opened on the 16th and 17th floors. Here, the luxury even surpasses 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a large hall, a library, a dining room, as well as four fireplaces and a private terrace overlooking the city and Central Park. And recently, the hotel has two large suites (with five and three bedrooms) with terraces on the 14th floor. In general, if you have a large family and an unlimited budget, we advise you to take a closer look at Mark.

    Signal Seoul, Seoul, South Korea

    The newest 7-star hotel was opened only in April 2017 in the 123-storeyed skyscraper Lotte World Tower. Signal Seoul is the first hotel of a new brand, under which top-class hotels will operate.

    Signal is located on floors 76-101 and includes 235 top-class rooms. In addition to the usual rooms, there are suites, including the royal suite – the most expensive room in South Korea. Royal Suite covers an area of ​​353 m2 on the 100th floor, and one night it will cost about a million rubles. If you decide to stay in such a room, a Rolls-Royce will meet you at the airport, and the hotel will have your own butler.

    The hotel also has four restaurants with award-winning chefs, the largest bar in Asia and the Evian Spa.

    Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad, India

    The building of the only 7-star hotel in India was built in 1884 and once belonged to Nizam-ul-Mulk Hyderabad, the ruler of the Hyderabad principality and the richest man in the world at that time – that is, the word “palace” in the title is justified, not marketing ploy.

    In the 50s of the last century, the palace was abandoned, but in the 2000th years, it was bought by the Taj Group Hotels. In 2010, the restoration began, led by Princess Ezra, the first wife of VIII Nizam Hyderabad, thanks to which the palace was recreated in all its glory.

    In addition to the usual rooms at Falaknum, there are historical rooms, royal suites and even Nizam’s suite – a chic room with a private pool, a huge marble bathroom and exclusive access to the spa.

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