Capsule hotels in world airports: how to relax without leaving the transit zone

  • Capsule hotels in world airports: how to relax without leaving the transit zone

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    Today, however, capsular hotels are understood not only like cocoons – they are good rooms with king-size beds and bathrooms. The essence of the capsules is that a person can stay in it for several hours during the transfer, without leaving the airport and not leaving the transit zone. In which airports in the world comfortable and interesting capsules for sleeping are installed, we will describe in this article.

    The state-of-the-art GoSleep leisure capsules are located right in the waiting rooms of many major airports. This is a real cocoon that can be transformed into a chair. It has a place for luggage, sockets, USB outputs, the Internet and accessories for sleeping. At some airports, rest at GoSleep is free, but basically, the price depends on the number of hours spent in the cocoon: the longer you stay in it, the cheaper it costs.

    Nap Cabs are like automatic kiosks for urgent photographs, but in fact, there is almost a hotel room in the 4-meter capsule space: a bed with bed linen, a work area, a multimedia screen, all kinds of chargers, air conditioning and much more (there is no bath and toilet ). Cleanliness is provided automatically: as soon as a person leaves the room, he is blocked and becomes available only after cleaning and changing clothes. To pay for the rest (through the terminal) you need a bank card.

    A great invention of the Vietnamese – double-decker sleep booths in the transit zone of the airport. The room has a bed, bedside table, clothes hanger, Wi-Fi, during the rest you bring snacks and drinks. Small children sleep with their parents without payment. The cost of an hour from 130 thousand Vietnamese dong or 340 rubles.

    Cleanliness and safety are not obvious epithets for transfer at the airport of the Indian capital, but in Sams Snooze at My Space capsule hotels, you can get both. It is guaranteed that you can find a comfortable bed with clean linen, a TV, a mini-fridge, the Internet and be sure that you will be woken up on time. You can reserve a capsule online, and your arrival number will be ready.

    The airport in Dubai is among the five busiest airports in the world and 23 capsules are certainly not enough for everyone, even despite the considerable cost of rest. In the “cube” a tourist is waiting for a good bed, a designer interior, a multimedia screen, Wi-Fi, and a shared toilet and a bar are located nearby in the lobby.

    The Yotel chain offers luxury level capsule hotels. The rooms are quite large (7-10 sq. M) and equipped with a bathroom with bath amenities and a shower that imitates a tropical rain. Comfortable mattresses and high-quality linen, a workplace, Wi-Fi and TV, as well as food delivery and free drinks will brighten up a long wait at the airport. The minimum stay is 4 hours.

    The network of capsule hotels covers airports that host a huge number of passengers on both domestic and international flights. Each soundproofed room has a sofa, desk, television, internet, and a board of departures. At the Dallas airport in Minute Suites you can take a shower. You can book a room online.

    The Russian air terminal opened a capsule hotel following the example of foreign colleagues. The convenience of the “Air Express” is that there are numbers both before passport control and in the transit zone near the Duty-Free, where you can sometimes meet passengers resting in sleeping bags right on the floor. In the rooms with a window and without a window there is a bed, a bathroom, an internet connection and an internal telephone, by which you can be woken up for departure. The minimum stay is 4 hours, the cost is from 3,750 rubles for a single room.

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