Helium Voice Changer

Helium Voice Changer Free
  • Update date: 18 Jul 2020
  • Size: 11M
  • Compatibility: 4.1 and up
  • Author: AndroidsxSize
  • Content rating: Everyone
  • Package name: com.androidsx.heliumvoicechanger
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Cross-platform use

Helium Voice Changer is an application that helps you lighten up by altering your voice to sound funnier as if you have just breathed helium from a balloon. You can download Helium Voice Changer at Google Play.

Functionality 3/5

Break the monotonous seriousness of life by lightning things up using Helium Voice Changer developed by the guys at Androidsx. The app’s main functionality is altering your normal voice with several voice effects. You can make and conveniently share recordings and hilarious videos with your family and friends to crack them up. The free list of available voice effects is helium, robot, smurf, fast, and teenager.

Design 3/5

Helium Voice Changer has a very simple design, perhaps because the app does not have many functions and features. The three most used elements are prominently displayed on the main page. These are the Record, Play, and Share buttons. Though the interface is not that impressive, some features do manage to stand out, such as a lovely goofy font used that sets the tone perfectly.

Usability 3/5

Certainly, Helium Voice Change is an application that you will be able to use intuitively even if you have never used it before. Navigation here is a no-brainer, thanks to a simple and consistent user interface. You can identify core features on the homepage instantly. There are no issues with recording either; you just select the voice of your choice, click on the record button, and that's it. Sharing your recordings with friends is convenient, as you follow just a few straightforward steps. You can browse your previous recordings and listen to them in the app nearly instantly. However, there are issues on some devices with video conversion and voice transformation, which essentially renders the app useless. You can send a generated report to the developers, but you can only guess how long it will take to fix the issue for your particular device. This makes the app hit or miss — if it works, it works well, but if it doesn’t, there’s only the uninstall option left.

Cross-Platform Use 2/5

As you may have guessed from the app developer name, Androidsx, the Helium Voice Changer is designed for the Android platform only. If you expected to find it on the Apple App Store or the Windows Store, then you are out of luck. Your Android device must be running on operating system version 4.1 or later if you want to install the app on it.

In-app purchases

It is important to mention in this Helium Voice Changer review that the app has several microtransactions under the PRO features. You can get additional funny voices (titled drunk, nervous, and he drunk), unlimited video recordings, and ad removal — each for under a dollar. Or you can buy the entire package for just over a buck. Even if you end up not using the app for long, you won’t regret purchasing the extra features since they are so cheap.

The Bottom Line

Download Helium Voice Changer and treat yourself to some hilarious moments of sounding funnier and entertaining your friends with your funny videos. The app is an excellent way of shaking off the stress after a hard day’s work. Listening to yourself sounds like a chipmunk or robot will surely be humorous. The amusement gets even better when you share the videos and audio snippets with your friends.

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