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  • Update date: 15 May 2020
  • Size: 132 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Author: Freecloud Design, Inc.
  • Content rating: Rated 4+
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Cross-platform use

Stack the States is an informative application designed to help young students learn and master the US geography by learning its states. Download Stack the States on the App Store or Google Play.

Functionality 4/5

This application enables people to learn the capitals of various states, the cities, shapes of states, notable landmarks, and state flags. The player gets to hold and drag animated states blocks anywhere on the screen as they arrange them. The student is required to cautiously make a stack of states which has to extend to the checkered line to win each level and progress to the other. Once the player completes a level, a new state is unlocked. More game modes are unlocked down the line too.

Design 4/5

Stack the States has a straightforward design with a few interface components. The design is not that great considering that elements, objects, and images are cartoonish, but it is cool considering that it is an application for young learners. The design certainly appeals to children owing to the choice of colors and the design of state images which have funny faces. There are instructional components such as ‘Drop It,’ which is clear and instructs the player to drop a state block.

Usability 4/5

One of the key highlights in this Stack the States review is that the application is effortless to use. Kids are able to navigate it and complete tasks instinctively as the app has very clear and direct instructional components. There is sufficient space on the interface as there aren’t many components placed on it, making it a matter of seconds for a child to see instructional elements on the screen. This way, you are able to complete tasks without having to tirelessly look for what buttons to press or how to move state blocks around.

With few interface components on the screen, there is ample spacing, which gives you enough room for navigation. While more mature audiences may find this approach too simplistic, given the intended age group the usability is exceptional. Furthermore, the developers introduced Voice Mode for non-readers. That way, they can join in on the fun too that spans across four game modes.

Cross-Platform Use 4/5

You can install Stack the States from the Apple App Store, and Google Play as the application is compatible with a number of iOS and Android mobile devices. As of now, the app version for Windows mobile devices and other OS platforms has not been released, and there are no plans expressed by the developers of doing so. Android OS version requirement is 4.1 and upwards. iOS devices must be running on iOS 6.0 or later.

In-App Purchases

While Stack the States does not have any in-app purchases, you will have to purchase the app itself before you can download it at the cost of $2.99. Since you have to pay for this app, it would be too much to have additional microtransactions for some features or game modes. You get what you pay for, and no ads will spoil the experience for you.

The Bottom Line

Downloading Stack the States and help your child learn the United States geography by mastering the various US states. They become conversant with not only the states but also information such as their capitals, the cities they have, their monuments and landmarks, as well as their state flags. You are sure that your child won’t get frustrated because of the difficulty of controls as the app is really easy to use, having a user-friendly interface tailored to kids.

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