• Update date: 21 Jun 2020
  • Compatibility: 4.0.3 and up
  • Author: Federal Aviation AdministrationSize
  • Content rating: Everyone
  • Package name: gov.faa.b4ufly2
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4.5of 5
4.5of 5
4.5of 5
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Cross-platform use

B4UFLY is a navigation service for owners of radio controlled unmanned aircraft by Federal Aviation Administration. It allows you to monitor your current location to figure out whether there are any operational restrictions in the area. It also reminds you of the required actions. Download B4UFLY for your Android and iOS devices to fly safely.

Functionality 4.5/5

B4UFLY app allows you to view maps of the planned flight area with all restrictions and distinctive signs. The app displays the current airspace data, including the airspace class, required actions, and special status land objects. You can use the built-in planner to note appropriate locations in advance.

Design 4.5/5

B4UFLY latest version has a clear decluttered user interface with 4 fast-access tabs at the bottom of the screen. Though the map is powered by Google, there is no option to switch a satellite mode to examine terrain in more detail.

Usability 4.5/5

It’s important to mention in this B4UFLY review, that this app is strictly for model aircraft owners. It means that you have to use other apps to pilot private corn dusters or gyroplanes. Every aircraft type requires you to follow strict class rules.

Using this app, you can look for current airspace situation or look for conditions on a particular date. It also allows you to view all the nearby model aircraft and drones to respect their flight areas. For this purpose, you can set the date right above the map. In the planner mode, you can check out exact requirements and restrictions for a particular time, date, and location. The More section includes additional information about temporary flight restrictions (TFRs) attached to specific locations.

Cross-platform use 5/5

You can install B4UFLY on your iOS and Android tablet or smartphone. Performance is well on all types of devices. You can also sign in via your computer and read all the necessary information about your current airspace.

In-app purchases

B4UFLY free download includes all the necessary features. You are not required to pay for any types of subscription. Federal Aviation Administration developed this mobile client to deliver crucial up-to-date airspace reports and influence them to keep order.

The Bottom Line

B4UFLY free app is an essential tool for all owners of drones and model aircraft in the United States. This app provides the most recent airspace reports with precise highlighting of restricted areas and particular land objects that you must avoid. It lacks some features, but still very helpful when it comes to advanced aviation.

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