8 of the most impressive cable cars in the world

  • 8 of the most impressive cable cars in the world

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    Cableway Grindelwald-Mennlichen, Switzerland

    The cable car in the Swiss Alps connects the village of Grindelwald and the mountain Mennlichen. Its length is 6,700 meters, and the journey takes 30 minutes. All this time you can enjoy views of the valleys, quaint old villages and mountain peaks – green or snow depending on the time of year. A return ticket for adults and children over 15 years costs 49 euros, and for children under 16 years old – 25 euros.

    Cableway to Pan de Azúcar, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Pan-de-Asuka Mountain or Sugar Loaf is one of the main attractions of the Brazilian capital. You can get to the top on the funicular, opened in 1912. From the booth overlooking the metropolis, the sands of Copacabana beach, Guanabara Bay and the statue of Christ the Redeemer on Corcovado Mountain. On the way, you can stop on the hill of Morro da Urca and have lunch, and then continue to climb. The ticket price is $ 25 for adults and $ 13 for children over five years old. For children under five years of age, the ride will be free.

    Cableway on Roosevelt Island, New York, USA

    From the window of the cable car that connects Roosevelt Island with Manhattan, you can see the Queensboro Bridge, the East River Strait and the Upper East Side Quarter. The carriage holds 125 people and travels all the way in less than five minutes. You can pay for the ride on the cableway with the New York Metro card – the cost will be equal to the ride on the subway and will be $ 2.75.

    Skyline cable car in Queenstown, New Zealand

    One of the most impressive cable cars in the Southern Hemisphere leads to Bob Peak, which offers views of Queenstown and the blue lake of Wakatipu, as well as Mount Coronet Peak and Cecil Peak. At the top, you can dine in a cafe, rent a bike, listen to traditional Maori music, and in the evening look at the stars in the section specially reserved for this, where the light does not fall. The trip will cost $ 25 for adults and $ 16 for children.

    Cable car to Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

    From Table Mountain, you can enjoy panoramic views of Cape Town, Signal Hill and Lions Head, beaches and Robben Island in the distance. The highest point to which the cable car rises is at an altitude of 1,057 meters – the road there takes only five minutes. At the top, you can dine in the restaurant, buy souvenirs and stroll through the national park. A round-trip ticket costs $ 25 for adults and $ 12 for children. There is no need to pay for children under four years old.

    Cable Car Huashan, Shaanxi Province, China

    Mount Huashan is known for its waterfalls, geysers and unique rocks. This is one of the most dangerous for climbing mountains in China. To reach its highest peak, it is necessary to overcome more than two kilometres along an almost vertical slope. But if you want to save time and energy for a walk on the top, you can use the cable car – more precisely, one of the three, leading to different peaks. Ticket price will be from 80 to 100 yuan. For children shorter than 120 centimetres, the ride is free.

    Aiguille du Midi Cable Car, Chamonix, France

    The cable car leading to the top of the Aiguille du Midi mountain is one of the highest in the world – its upper station is located at an altitude of 3,777 meters above sea level. For 20 minutes, which will last a trip, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the French, Swiss and Italian Alps. At the top, there is a viewing platform, a cafe and souvenir shops. A ticket for adults and children over 15 inclusive costs from 49 to 60 euros, depending on the season, and for children under 15 years old and the elderly – from 42 to 51 euros.

    Cableway on the island of Langkawi, Malaysia

    The cable car is the only way to get to the Heavenly Bridge with its 360-degree panorama of the Andaman Sea and the island of Langkawi. The views from the cable car booths also deserve attention – during the trip you will see forest waterfalls and tropical forests. The 2.2 km road will take 20 minutes and cost $ 14 for adults and $ 10 for children.

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