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    1. New York, USA New York has been the first in the ranking of the most “Instagram” cities for many years. Its skyscrapers and parks are deservedly popular with both tourists and locals. Manhattan and its tourist points are especially popular with Times Square and Central Park (which, by the way, included the social network.

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    Cableway Grindelwald-Mennlichen, Switzerland The cable car in the Swiss Alps connects the village of Grindelwald and the mountain Mennlichen. Its length is 6,700 meters, and the journey takes 30 minutes. All this time you can enjoy views of the valleys, quaint old villages and mountain peaks – green or snow depending on the time of.

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    Today, however, capsular hotels are understood not only like cocoons – they are good rooms with king-size beds and bathrooms. The essence of the capsules is that a person can stay in it for several hours during the transfer, without leaving the airport and not leaving the transit zone. In which airports in the world.

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    However, sometimes it is worth going to someplace just to live on a tree, in the desert or in a wine barrel! Today we will tell about 10 unusual hotels that can be the main highlight of the holiday, even if you spend only a couple of nights in them. Hotel in a tree, Vietnam.

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    If you have long dreamed of seeing your name on the cover, but still have not caught inspiration, it may be worth looking for it in another country. We decided to find out where the authors of famous bestsellers were inspired – perhaps, having lived in the same hotels, and you will manage to write.

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    Steep turns near the earth and runways abutting on the ocean, rocks or the abyss – just what people do not go to get to the most remote corners of our planet! Madeira Airport (FNC), Portugal Madeira is a small island of volcanic origin. The terrain is such that the airport could be built only.

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    1. Mamma Mia! (Mamma Mia !, 2008). Greece The action of this sparkling musical based on the songs of the Swedish mega-group ABBA takes place on the fictional island Kalokairi. His role was played by the two Greek islands of Skopelos and Skiathos, located in the Aegean Sea. Both are part of the Northern Sporades.

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    But on the other hand, the temperature difference on the street at 50˚C becomes serious stress for the body. Yes, and the tropical heat itself can quickly tire, but after all, on vacation, you want to walk more, and not sit in an air-conditioned room while waiting for the evening. If you have ever had.

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    Often, this is either a marketing ploy of the hotel itself or a beautiful description made by journalists – but when looking at the numbers it’s hard not to agree that the level of luxury in such places is overwhelming. We decided to find out where these hotels are located and why they are rated.

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    In twenty-one years, the series of novels were translated into 67 languages ​​and sold in the amount of 5,00 million copies, and 8 films of the film adaptation became one of the highest grossing in the history of cinema. We suggest you go on a trip to the UK and Scotland – to the places.

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